Postmodern Novelties

by David Groves



All music and lyrics – David Groves

Recorded with enthusiasm by David Groves at The Dungeon, Naples, Fl – September 2009 – March 2010
“Summer Days” vocals recorded by Jeremy Robertson at hothouse studio

Cover Photo by Chanda Jamieson Portrait Photo by Justin Giustizia

Design and layout concept – David Groves / J. Merrill
Layout pieced together – J. Merrill
Printed in 24 point Marzo and 9 point Century Gothic font.

Mixed – David Groves
Booking –
© Open Lab Productions 2009-2011


released August 9, 2011

Written July 14th – October 13th, 2009

David Groves
Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, Mr. Shambles the Accordion, mandolin, percussion, thumb piano, kazoo, harmonica, recorded audio observations


all rights reserved



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Track Name: David Groves - Postmodern Novelties
Warm beer and cigarettes with fashion magazines
Tommy says he’s moving to Tampa or Miami
I can hear sadness in the music that’s composing in our mouths
There’s a face forming in cloud of smoke
Laughing with poet charm
The ashtray is full of breath
Now our breath is all gone
Our thrones divine as we sit poolside
Wondering what will happen to all of our Saturdays
We absorb into the floorboards
Inhaling the ghost of our past
Dogs are barking the moon is lost
And now we’re all lost at last
I look over at time
But his hands are tied
So there’s no goodnight or goodbye for my friends just
Black and white old photographs some sugar for your coffee but I prefer black tea in the early morning
Foreign films or cool music on a cassette or on vinyl, our postmodern novelties
Track Name: Northeastern Daydream
When I was seven years old I moved to Florida from a small suburb in New Jersey
And when I turned 19 I moved to Boston for education and new scenery
Some winters and some summers I’d visit family up north and we’d take a train into New York City
And just recently you told me you plan on moving there and I can’t say that makes me happy.
So when you’re crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge don’t look anyone in the eyes
Not because you’ll be jumpy or afraid
You’ll be looking at the skyline or the boots that hold you feet or in the eyes of lady liberty
And now all the gold of September is turning into sand, washed away by the Atlantic Ocean
We’ll be dancing in the snow now with all the angels, wooed by winter’s handsome grin
So just let me dream a little more
Just let me believe this is something more
Because every now and then I pretend that I’m already there and you’re there with me outside and you’re smiling
And then you run, run, run, run, run, run with the wind in your hair
Track Name: Umbrella
Come on come all come out to the downtown district square where all the pretty boys can candy up their noses
All the waifs with their tattoos they’ll all dance with you and then throw a promise down the drain
We’re falling from the car with our mouths full of fire
Our fingers are shoveling up our graves here
So go on and grab a cup the fountains full of mud
And tonight we’ll drink our sorrows away
All the puppets against the wall sip a glass of moonlight
Then they kick open the cemetery gates
So open up my ribs and everyone climb in and take what you can while I sleep
Just stand with me underneath my umbrella keeps us safe from the rain
Track Name: Another Day
Well my A/C is broken and it’s hot as hell so I put all the fans on high
A glass of tap water with five ice cubes my shirts off because it’s summer time
I’ll smoke my last cigarette on the back porch while reading a few pages from an old saint’s book
I’m learning new words to use and to say for my vocabulary and for my stuttering so maybe I wont shy away
Another day
You know you could come over for movies and ice cream you could even spend the night
And in the morning I’ll make you breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast
And all of Sunday I can dream you away remembering the first time we met
Girl it’s true I’m falling for you so am I good looking enough or am I saying too much
Or am I just scaring you away?
Another day
I phoned my mother I said, “hey what’s new?”
She said “times are hard for us.”
“We ain’t got no money, we won’t be celebrating Christmas, no eggnog or tinsel town.”
Don’t worry about it mom we still have each other to hold, I know dad’s struggling to pay all the bills
Under the tree it might be empty but I don’t care too much
Mark and I are old enough we don’t need another holiday
Because it’s just another day
Track Name: Naughtsburg, U.S.A
Burnt bridges and the monuments all around
These streets are cold like the people I’ve known
So I stomp my feet to the stiff rhythm of time
Broadcasting through a broken radio
Everybody’s got to wear a mask
So they can hide their ugly faces
So when the shit starts to rise
You got to either sink or swim
I’m on the last line out of this town
On the last train away from you
And this place I’ve called home for so long
Well I guess I won’t be coming home soon
Track Name: Mortality
This old hat of aluminum hangs on my head
Late in the night these blinking lights shut their lids
The joints of this machine well they all gradually slow down
My beautiful mistress, my sweet Morpheus don’t make a sound
A shipwreck of bones adrift the foggy blue
The ocean’s drunk again and the tide's high as the moon
The oyster in the sky the pearl of the sea
Those faded diamonds are your eyes and that black dead coal is me
The geography of our anatomy has been charted
We can’t change who we are not even with scars or a scalpel to the skin
All the lines in our faces and the degrees of our mouths wont mean anything
Except time, we’ve had some time to notice mortality
So when all the beauty starts disappearing and we can see whom each other are
All the music falls to pieces so tell me what will be our fate? Will we be just another song?
Track Name: Phantoms
I bite down on this full pink blossom ripping the head right from the stem
Then I’ll spit you out and leave you to die with all these forgotten leaves
Can I go back to the place I used to hide behind the warmth of lying eyes?
The reflection wont lie and I don’t like what I’ve seen
So I break you break the glass and then break me
Never love me because when I leave I wont return
I’ll never give you or owe you anything
Mama I’m scared, I’m scared of everyone,
I’m scared of what I’ve become
So can the phantoms come out tonight?
Can they come out and come play?
Because we’ll be rattling the bones of yesterday
Track Name: Summer Days
Two dollars will get you over the bridge and in the comfort of good friends
And all our twist and turns and just how shady we can be weighs heavy on my head
Looking out into the night, bright lights burst in the sky
Lying in the street with no one to keep it’s the Fourth of July
The ants on my jeans all get lost in the seams and I got sunburn on the left side of my face
Oh, these summer days
So let’s drink tonight lets be merry we’ll hold our glasses up real high
Sing out your lungs all you dissonant birds
Sing your songs tonight
Because tomorrow will be just the same
Another poor excuse for a day
And everyone in this town oh hell they all get around and no one knows anybody’s names
So you wear black I wear white you wear red and then tonight we’ll go out and play
Oh these summer days
I got both of my fists clenched
Someone keeps messing with my friends
My mouth starts grinning but head is spinning I can barely stand
Oh no…
Her hot wet mouth kisses my neck and immediately I fall in love
And she’ll love me all night and then just put me away
Until this dream comes undone
We’re just dirty laundry blowing in the wind
With our flesh neatly stuffed in
Hanging from the line our skin’s dangling from our bones
We’re funny skeletons
So I belt some more till I fall to the floor I’m laughing I am insane
Oh these summer days
My fingertips just became cigarettes and I ran out of cool shit to say
Oh these summer days
Track Name: Potter's Field
Tonight’s the night
I try to make things right
So I pledged my allegiance to all of my dearest friends
But specifically I had a memory, a memory of you made me understand
The word honesty and what it truly means so now I keep it close to my side, close to my heart
Because I don’t want to let you down, like I’ve done before because I’m just made up of excuses, shadows and smoke
So I walk these tracks
Back to my past and all I can see is a young naive insecure boy
But I could play guitar and sing a few melodies it’s the only way I learned how to speak
But now I’m howling at the moon
Don’t you worry baby it’s just the animal in me
I could go on for days trying to find all the right words say, but I just need you, I need you, I need you.
Because I’ve been low, I’ve been so lowdown
Now I’m falling so baby hold on
There’s a storm coming, the clouds are settling
Tell me girl, tell me you'll be my light.
You don’t have to call me darling if it’s raining I’ll be there
I’ll meet you on the stones in potter’s field
Track Name: Steam
Slowly moving mouth, I don’t want you to leave
Everything we have ends with this kiss
Wherever your heart goes I know you got to just follow
Letting all you dreams run wild again
I’m exhaling steam
Can you hear that engine roar?

This town has lost its charm so you’re moving to the big city.
That city will give you everything, everything but me
Wherever your heart goes I know you got to just follow
Even if that means it’s not with me
I’m exhaling steam
Can you hear that engine roar?

Through open panel on the train your hair catches a breeze
Hello dear old friend, remember me? I’m the wind
Wherever your heart goes I know you got to just follow
As the memory of us fades away
I’m exhaling steam
Can you hear that engine roar?

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