Vaccine for the Scene

by Maniac

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released June 12, 2011

Joe Merrill - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
David Groves - Drums, Guitar, Bass
Tyler Krause - Vocals
Jon Glover - Vocals

Live line up:
Joe Merrill - Vocals
Tyler Krause - Vocals
Jon Glover - Vocals
David Groves - Guitar
John D'zurilla - Guitar
Justin Gustizia - Bass
Chris Donaldson - Drums
George Fogel - Steel Lung Crew Dance Chief


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For Documentation Only Recordings Naples, Florida

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Track Name: The Maniacal Alliance for Worldwide Drug Use
The following is a message for the youth of America, from your friends at the Maniacal Alliance for World Wide Drug Use. Partake in the peace pill.

Give wings to the American dream, it’s hard to keep a good drug down.

Hog, squeeze, whack, space base, as experienced drug dealers we can make you virtually infinite. I am a zombie walking among the angels with wings, drenched in bummer drugs.

Angel dust fulfills my lust, for delusions and hallucinations of the greatest degree. Besides, dissociative anesthetic just sounds so sexy.
Track Name: Vaccine for the Scene
Look at all you scenester sluts with your fashion cuts. We’ve got the cure for fashioncore, it’s hardcore fashion drugs.

We put the man back in Maniac. Sweet helmet, siiick shotgun blast.

It’s hard to know who’s really sincere when everyone looks exactly the same, but we know how to find them now and weed out the weak and lame. With the seven sacraments, the sacred scene kill drugs: heroin, speed, crack cocaine, opium, angel dust, crystal meth, and future flame.

We put the hard back in hardcore. With our toolbox of syringes, pipes and razorblades, we’ll destroy this poseur scene, it’s the vaccine for the scene. We put the hard back in hardcore.
Track Name: In Search of the Big Bang
Prediction, hedonistic imperative vindicated future millenia witness hedonic engineering.

Dreams of razor drenched white fill my night. Stop licking my mustache, that isn’t doughnut powder, dear. When the candy comes loose it potency boil it down into a freebase delicacy.

If you ever run out of blow pull outcha dollaz and lick that dough, cause the currency is saturated with the benefits of my cocaine habit.

An evil agent of the devil, it it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Pure as snow, it travels through my nose. The razor’s slice refreshes life. This powdered mirror sustains my youth, I am young till I die.
Track Name: Maniac Will Never Let You Down
What is the number one terminator on U.S. roads? If you said Maniac you are wrong, it’s actually trees.

And by trees, we don’t mean weed cuz that’s a hippie drug. Have you ever fucked a goat? If you have, you are a goat fucker (not a shepard)!

Maniac said if you look with lust, you mine as well have a giant boner in your heart.

Have you loved Maniac above all else? Have you used Maniac’s name to curse? Judge yourself.

Have you broken the Maniacal Commandments? Knowing that Maniac has seen your thought life and every deed done in darkness, will you be innocent or guilty on judgement day?You know you will be guilty. If Maniac is good, Maniac will punish all sin. Maniac is so righteous. When Maniac died on the cross, Maniac took punishment for our sins. Maniac rose from the dead defeating death.

Maniac will never let you down.
Track Name: Electric Slide
We tried shock treatment but it just tickled me silly. It’s fun to dance when you’re high on electricity.

Let’s see you fucks dance to this, good, good, there you go, oops you missed one.

Slide that electric needle right in that vein. Self destruction is the new dance craze.
Track Name: The Devil Is In The Needle, Your Love Is In My Veins
Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry? Mexican black tar paves my veins with a surge of euphoria.

God is in the needle, the devil is in the needle, the dragon is in the needle, collapsing my veins with each injection.

Depress the CNS, I’m on the nod again with my all too familiar H-friend.

Your claws are in my heart, your love tears me it thin, your sin is in my soul. I like to practice what I preach. It’s hot and cool like jazz in my blood. I feel alive for the first time.

You have infected my heart, my one and only love. You won’t release your grip, I won’t deny your love. God is in the needle, the devil is in the needle, the dragon is in the needle, heaven is in the needle.
Track Name: The Maniacal Messiah
I am the Eucharist, I love you more than Christ. The Maniacal Messiah will renew your life.

It’s time for confirmation partake of the narcotic communion. Maniac has ascended from the depths, the abyss of benediction, the strung out resurrection.

The bread of life abstain from intervention. The holy trinity incarnated through the steel lung crew.

The father – Captain Crunchteam, the Son – Prince Bradshaw, the Holy Spook – The Ultraviolent one. Does your life suck? Do you like to draw?

Maniac can save your soul. I am the Eucharist, I love you more than Christ. The Maniacal messiah will renew your life.
Track Name: The Darkstar Trilogy (Maniac Vs. The Evil Dragon part #1)
It was a cold grey morning, our hero Sir Ultraviolence rose from his restless sleep with the yearning for the qwest in his heart.

A terrible dragon had descended from the north terrorizing the people of Mount Puritania. King Assteam summoned Sir Ultraviolence from his keep in the east knowing that he’s the wielder of the powerful Dark Star blade.

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